100% of your money will be returned to you if an error on our part causes the court to decline your bankruptcy filing. This includes your filing fee.

We appreciate your business and trusting us to guide you on the path to financial freedom. That is why Knoxville Bankruptcy Law, PC can promise you that we will do everything we can to assist you on this path to becoming debt–free.


Here at Knoxville Bankruptcy Law, our guarantee includes all bankruptcy services needed to successfully file your case and complete your bankruptcy. We assure you that these processes are acceptable to the bankruptcy clerk’s office.

That said, the possibility of a case dismissal beyond our control may occur for various reasons. The following is a list of items that the Knoxville Bankruptcy Law Money–Back Guarantee does not include:

  • The guarantee that you will obtain a discharge.
  • The guarantee that that you will obtain a discharge of any one particular debt, or of all debts.
  • The guarantee that dismissal of your case won’t happen due to reasons unrelated to acceptance of the paperwork for filing.
  • The guarantee does not apply if your case is dismissed and subsequently reinstated resulting in successful completion
  • The guarantee that as our client, you will be able to successfully complete all of your obligations such as finishing and submitting your forms by the deadline, completion of your disclosure of debts, and being present and on time at your scheduled 341 meeting.
  • The guarantee that assets will not be lost in a Chapter 7 filing.
  • The guarantee that creditors won’t be successful in a given argument in an attempt to repossess collateral in a Chapter 13 filing.
  • The guarantee that there won’t be any challenges of any nature to encounter with regard to your bankruptcy case.


Potential client must present retainer agreement on competitor letterhead at time of initial consultation with Knoxville Bankruptcy Law. Competitor must be a legitimate bankruptcy firm. Knoxville Bankruptcy Law reserves the right to decline participation in their matching policy with any potential client whose materials do not meet these requirements or cannot be confirmed.